Ocho Fuentes, Fish fillet, 200g
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Ocho Fuentes, Fish fillet, 200g


Pond Tilapia fillet that does not have thorns, skin or scales and is ready to use.

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  • Asuncion, Luque, Lambaré, Villa Elisa, Fernando and San Lorenzo
  • Mariano Roque Alonso [Free].


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Ocho Fuentes

Ocho Fuentes tilapias come from fish raised in ponds and fed with balanced food. Tilapia is an exquisite white meat with a delicate flavor. Its firm texture facilitates its preparation since it is a versatile fish that can be: roasted, sausage, breaded, grilled, baked, fried, steamed, used as an ingredient for fish soups, the flavor is also preferred by the chefs for use in sauces. The breeding process until it is placed on your table goes through a quality and control process so that you can enjoy good food with your family.
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